Water Main Repair to Affect LDSS

Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20th, the Municipality of North Perth will be working on a water main break outside the school   This break has an affect on LDSS, requiring 1 of 2 main water supplies at LDSS to be shut-off.  Plans have been developed to address alternate use of space within the school and bus drop-off and
pick-up in response to the Town’s repair efforts. The cafeteria will be closed tomorrow as a result, so students should bring a lunch.

We cannot anticipate how long the water will be turned off until they dig up the water main, but we are hopeful that it will be only part of the school day.  As a result of this work by municipality:
  • the Cafeteria will be closed (please bring a lunch)
  • some bathrooms in the older part of the building will be closed.  Signs will be posted.
  • buses will be rerouted
  • access will not be available at the front of the school, but West and South doors (usually locked), as well as the doors near the student parking lot will remain open all day.
Please refer to the website http://www.ldsslistowel.ca and twitter for future updates.
Thank you for your understanding.