Grade 12 Surveys

Attention all Grade 12 students! Two surveys will be sent to your school email addresses shortly.  They are for choosing the Grade 12 “Most Likely To’s” and for submitting your own graduation quote for the yearbook.  There will be paper copies available in Student Services.  If you are unable to use the provided link that … Read more

PA system

The portables outside of LDSS will be removed tomorrow, May 2nd.  In the process of disconnecting the portables from hydro and school systems, our PA system was damaged.  We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused due to the PA system making noise outside the building throughout the night and morning.  We are working to … Read more

MADD Assembly Today

Today during period five, students will attend a MADD assembly that addresses the topic of impaired driving.  As a full school, students will view a video dramatization of a student tragedy. “The video ends with testimonials from real-life victims who share their heartbreaking stories with the audience. MADD Canada’s School Assembly Program targets students in … Read more

OSAP Presentation

There will be an OSAP presentation on Wednesday, May 22nd from 12 noon-1 pm in the Collaboration Room (adjacent the library) for students and parents interested in attending.  The University of Waterloo’s Financial Services staff are leading the presentation.  Students can sign up in Student Services to be excused from class for Period 4 that … Read more

Business Scholarship Opportunity

The Ray Walter Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by Ward and Uptigrove, is awarded to a student going on to Post-Secondary in a Business program.  Applications are due May 31.  Please see the attached flyer for how to apply.