Entrances at LDSS

As part of the Safe Schools Act, we need to be able to lock the school down quickly.  A recent installation of three new doors at LDSS will allow us to immediately and simultaneously activate locks, however, there are still a number of doors that cannot be locked remotely and require a plan. This will … Read more

Media Literacy Week

Media Literacy Week is an annual event that takes place every November. Co-led by MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, the week puts a spotlight on the importance of digital and media literacy as a key component in the education of children and young people. Here is a link to activities you can try with your … Read more

November 16th – The “Parent Expo Virtual – What comes after high school?”

Please find below and attached information on a “Parent Expo Virtual – What comes after high school?”.  More information is available at: www.ParentExpo.ca The “Parent Expo Virtual – What comes after high school?” is an all encompassing full day conference that equips parents of high school students with all the information they need in order to help their children … Read more

Grade 9 – Literacy Assessment

Students in grade 9 wrote a school-based literacy assessment October 24th during period one.  The purpose of this test is to help us gather information about student learning needs so that we may better support them in the literacy requirements of their high school courses and prepare them for next year’s Ontario Secondary School Literacy … Read more